Sherwin Williams Extreme Bond Primer Vs Kilz (2024)

1. Kilz 2 vs. Sherwin Williams PrepRite Primers

  • Jun 16, 2008 · The original Kilz was great, but Kilz2 does not go on smooth. Zinsser 123 is WAY better at just slightly more money. Ask any pro.

  • Good morning, Ali and I picked up some paint and primer for our new house. I was surprised that their primer is almost twice as much as Kilz 2 in 5 gallon buckets. Is it worth the extra cost, or should I exchange it? Thanks!! Dan

2. Extreme Bond Primer - Sherwin-Williams

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  • Excellent bonding performance that promotes adhesion to interior & exterior hard-to-paint surfaces.

Extreme Bond Primer - Sherwin-Williams

3. PRO PICKS: 6 pros on the primers they lean on - inPAINT magazine


  • The top performers we found were: Seal Grip from PPG, Stix from Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams Extreme Bond Primer, and Behr Bonding Primer from Home Depot.

  • Stained trim is not desirable by most homeowners today. Changing from stain to a painted surface is expensive. This video shows a less expensive approach.

5. Primers | Sherwin-Williams

  • Extreme Bond Primer. Promotes topcoat adhesion to hard-to stick surfaces. One coat. Fast Drying Primer. Apply topcoat in one hour ...

  • Learn all about our interior and exterior paint primers here and find the one that is right for your project.

Primers | Sherwin-Williams

6. Painting MDF cabinet doors - Sawmill Creek Woodworking Community

  • Feb 2, 2023 · Kilz Premium 3 vinyl seems to get good ... The extreme bond primer is good stuff, but I ... https://industrial.sherwin-williams....r.9808637.html

  • Gotten myself into a fine mess. I agreed to make up nearly 40 cabinet doors for my church kitchen project using 3/4" MDF with a routed ogee edge. Six 4x8 sheets of material. I googled "how to paint MDF". Nobody agrees on the best way to seal the faces and edges. Ten years ago I did a few for my son and I sealed the edges with thinned wood glue. Turned out ok, I might have sealed the faces with shellac. This time looking to spray the finish coat with my airless X5 using a cabinet grade

7. How to Choose Primer | Sherwin-Williams

  • ... primer to the surfaces you plan to paint. Sherwin-Williams primers are formulated to solve typical painting problems while helping to make your finish coat ...

  • Learn how to choose the best paint primer for your next painting project. Be confident in the product you're choosing with this guide.

8. The Best Paint Primers, Tested and Reviewed - Bob Vila

  • Nov 15, 2023 · Overall, Kilz Original is a solid performer, and we highly recommend it for any ventilated interior primer application. Product Specs. Interior/ ...

  • The best paint primer depends on the surface, where it's located, and your preferred dry time. We tested top-rated picks for a variety of projects.

The Best Paint Primers, Tested and Reviewed - Bob Vila

9. Primers - Sherwin-Williams

  • Extreme Bond Primer · Save 10% Every Day with PaintPerks · List Price: $83.99 / Gallon ; Premium Wall & Wood Primer ; Multi-Purpose Interior/ ...

  • Primers by Sherwin-Williams

Primers - Sherwin-Williams

10. KILZ® ADHESION Interior & Exterior Primer

  • KILZ® ADHESION Primer is a water-base, modified-acrylic primer specifically formulated to bond to a variety of 'tough-to-paint' surfaces. Its advanced ...

  • KILZ® Adhesion Primer is a water-base, modified-acrylic primer specifically formulated to bond to a variety of ‘tough-to-paint’ surfaces.

Sherwin Williams Extreme Bond Primer Vs Kilz (2024)


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