Peanut Butter-Glazed Salmon and Green Beans Recipe (2024)



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Dora Vizvary Swan

Yes, Marilyn! Upstate NY fishmonger, here. Suggestion: If your sheet pan fits onto your grill, prep it just like the recipe, put it on the grill and close the lid.


This was a nice recipe. I didn’t have fresh chives but the dry ones worked well. I roasted (convection roast setting on my oven). I didn’t measure exactly but used all the ingredients. My salmon was pretty thick so it was about 18 minutes total. I will definitely make again. Had a very Thai like flavor and the green beans were wonderful. Love that it is all made at once. Incredibly convenient.

Half Baked

There are some things a person doesn’t do. I’m not putting peanut butter on $35 per lb salmon filets.


I'm thinking about this made with almond butter and chopped almonds as an alternative, since I think it might be an amazing pairing with salmon. I'm also thinking lime juice instead of lemon, and some garlic in there too. I'd also probably up the amount of toasted sesame oil, knowing me.


Thanks for the reviewer's tip to add maple syrup! It rounded out and perfected the flavor profile of the peanut butter glaze. I added about 1 1/2 (maybe two?) tablespoons, and cooked my VERY thick salmon filets for 18 minutes in a 425 degree oven on my convection roast setting. Made a nice lemon rice pilaf to serve with the salmon and green beans - an excellent meal.

Kentfield Barbara

Delicious recipe. Served it with Jasmine rice sprinkled with soy sauce and Asian cucumber salad.

melissa mk

I think a bit of white miso whisked in with the peanut butter could be a nice touch. I’m trying it next time along with line juice vs. lemon juice. My family loved this!


We loved this recipe. No, I might not put this on extremely costly salmon, but for most store bought salmon it's good. Also made extra sauce and I've used it on pork, chicken, and as a salad dressing addition. Also if you don't like crunchy vegetables (we do), start the green beans 5-10 minutes ahead, then add the salmon.

Cindy S

This is the grossest recipe I have ever made from the Times. I'm mad I wasted some beautiful salmon fillets on this. Peanut butter has no place on fish! Yuck!


I made this twice now. The first time I had the timing issues some readers have mentioned. The second time I used a cast iron skillet, lowered the temperature to 425 and cooked as directed. Everything came out perfect and the beans had a little char to them.


I made this recipe this evening. The peanut butter sauce was delicious, once cooked, and the salmon was moist and tender but not translucent..just perfect for us. But the green beans were a big disappointment- tough as boots. And halving scallions lengthwise isn’t so pretty either. Ill make it again, but with some other vegs.

Claire B

I make this on my grill, skin side down. The filet lifts from the skin and it’s heavenly.

Melanie from Canada

I was apprehensive, but it exceeded my expectations! I substituted lime juice for lemon, and added about a tbsp of maple syrup. Roasted the coho salmon on the bbq and served with rice. Will definitely make again.


Added 1 tbsp miso paste, 1 tbsp sriracha, 1 tbsp honey, and a large handful of cilantro. Used 2 lbs boneless skinless thighs instead. Delicious!


The sauce here is very nice but doesn't go so well with salmon, as other reviewers have mentioned. I would use it for other proteins, particularly chicken. I won't be making this dish again with fish.


One coating of the sauce would be plenty. Two was too much.


- even with low sodium soy sauce it was salty, don’t add salt without tasting- was little lemony - added red pepper flake- added about 1/2 tsp molasses to give sweetness and complexity - didn’t have toasted sesame oil, used regular instead and added roasted sesame seeds - a good heap of ginger brings it together


To lower fat: Cut peanut butter in 1/2 and use 1/2 T oil for 4 servings. No roasted peanuts.


I found this very one note, it tasted like saltier peanut butter on salmon and could’ve used more depth. Next time I’d add more garlic and ginger and maybe a small amount of maple syrup or honey to balance the salt

Jack in Joisey

Made this tonight-some changes, felt the peanut sauce was too peanutty, from comments added miso, maple syrup, and then a bit of mirin (closer to a Thai Peanut sauce). Had asparagus, used that and some sliced onion along with the scallion. Big hit with the family, will make again!


I wouldn't add any extra salt to the salmon - peanut butter and soy sauce bring plenty


This recipe was just okay. I didn’t love the peanut sauce with salmon and the sauce needed some heat or other zing.


I used a bit less sauce - nervous about the combination - I'll use the full amount next time. Salmon was beautiful soft and flavorful. Beans were a bit undercooked; I plan to give them a head start in the microwave before roasting with the salmon.


Fast and easy. Veggies turned out yummy, but really didn’t like the peanut butter glaze. Too heavy for the taste of the salmon. I won’t make it again.


I really wanted to like this dish. The flavors just didn’t go well together IMHO. I ended up scraping off the PB topping as much as possible so that I could finish my meal.

Brian Kennedy

I made it tonight and it was a hit with the wife and daughter. For anybody who thinks it's weird, it's basically salmon satay, isn't it? The salmon ended up taking longer to cook than the recipe suggests (18 min for me, like Daphne), I probably put a bit too much of the sauce on it and the green beans were a little bland, but otherwise great. The peanut glaze is delicious and would probably be great on chicken too.


Not a hit at my house. The sauce overwhelms the fish.


I made this with sockeye salmon and it came out moist and delicious. I did add a little maple syrup as a reviewer suggested. Never thought about using these ingredients for salmon, but that is the great thing about NYT cooking; it expands my cooking horizon!

Tom Rasmussen

Excellent - as written!

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Peanut Butter-Glazed Salmon and Green Beans Recipe (2024)


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