Best Mosin Nagant Scope Mounts – 2020 Buyer’s Guide - The Prepper Insider (2024)

Owners of Mosin Nagant know that the best scope mount is not so easy to find.

There are endless options on the market, and it can be quite troublesome if you do not know what exactly to look for.

Here are the best Mosin Nagant scope mounts and more useful information on how to choose the best one for your needs.

At a Glance: Our Top Picks for Mosin Nagant Scope Mounts

Comparison of the Best Mosin Nagant Scope Mounts


Our Top Pick

Best Mosin Nagant Scope Mounts – 2020 Buyer’s Guide - The Prepper Insider (1)

  • Best Mosin Nagant Scope mount overall
  • All weaver standard rings are accepted
  • Fits on rear sight/models 91/30, M44, M38, M39 & Chinese 53
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Best Mosin Nagant Scope Mounts – 2020 Buyer’s Guide - The Prepper Insider (2)

  • Sturdy design made from aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Improves accuracy by supporting the rear of the scope
  • Allows for lower, better check weld
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Best Budget Option

Best Mosin Nagant Scope Mounts – 2020 Buyer’s Guide - The Prepper Insider (3)

  • Best for the money
  • Fixes the scope, keeping it aligned
  • Durable construction
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Best Mosin Nagant Scope Mounts – 2020 Buyer’s Guide - The Prepper Insider (4)

  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Scope can be mounted over the receiver
  • Easy to install and suitable for 1-inch scopes
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Are All Mosin Nagant Scope Mounts The Same?

In fact, yes, it seems that there is only one type. According to our extensive research, there was another Soviet scope mount for this gun in the 1930s called the PU. This has since been replaced by the only type we have now - the PE.

This is because initially, the Mosin Nagant was not meant to be used with a scope, so it's fairly new and not as common as what you may think.

What Makes a Great Mosin Nagant Scope Mount?

A great scope mount can last you a long time and has a consistent performance. This means that it has to possess certain features that ensure its stability, durability, and overall quality. A great value scope is one that comes with the following features:

Great Construction

The best scope mount is made of heavy-duty, reliable materials, such as aluminum or steel. These two are ideal in terms of durability, they can withstand all kinds of shocks and impacts, and they will last the longest when it comes to product longevity.

Easy Installation

It is also important that you can easily install your Mosin Nagant scope mount for increased convenience. This means that you do not require a gunsmith to do the work for you, as you can install it by yourself in a few minutes with the right types of tools.

Protect Zero Settings

A great scope mount has two main objectives. Firstly, it has to keep the scope in place at all times without allowing any wiggle room. This ensures that the scope remains in place even after you shoot. Secondly, it needs to protect the zero settings being thrown off due to the shock of the recoil.

Review of the Best Mosin Nagant Scope Mounts

Now that you know what to keep in mind when selecting Mosin Nagant scope mounts, take a look at some of the top models available on the market.

Best Overall:
AIM Sports

Best Mosin Nagant Scope Mounts – 2020 Buyer’s Guide - The Prepper Insider (6)


  • Consistent quality
  • Affordable price range
  • Length of 4.25” and 2.3 oz
  • Great for long-eye relief scopes
  • High-quality construction with durable materials
  • Excellent performance on most rifles, particularly Mosin Nagant


  • Fitting is required with some models
  • Might seem difficult to install for beginners
  • Some consider that it is angled down a little too far

What Recent Buyers Report

This scope mount makes a Mosin Nagant rifle look more rugged. Most of the users had no issues with installation, but it might be more difficult if you haven’t done this before. It works great with long-eye relief scopes, as the image is bright and clear.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The AIM Sports is at the right length for any scope you could attach to a Mosin Nagant. It has a sturdy, rugged construction, and it is strong enough to protect the scope’s zero settings after many rounds. With a minimal and simple design, the Aim Sports Scout scope mount maintains the rifle’s historic integrity.

Who Will Use This Most

This is highly recommended for heavy-duty scopes. For instance, scout scopes that have a long-eye relief or even rifle scopes that handle the firepower of Mosin Nagant will match this mount perfectly. If you have a Mosin Nagant, this mount can be your new best buddy when paired with a battle-ready scope.

Bottom Line

Overall, the AIM Sports is ideal if you need a short scope mount, but strong enough to keep your scope in place, protecting the zero settings at the same time. All you need to do is add this mount onto your Mosin Nagant, and you’ll make it a true force of nature.

Bear Claw Gunworks

Best Mosin Nagant Scope Mounts – 2020 Buyer’s Guide - The Prepper Insider (7)


  • Enhances accuracy
  • Lower, better check weld
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum construction
  • Supports the rear of the scope, eliminating movement
  • Improves the rifle’s performance by changing the bolt handle


  • Has to sit too low to get a good cheek weld

What Recent Buyers Report

The Bear Claw Gunworks scope mount is one of the most stable products on the market. It requires the user to change the bolt handle, but this means that your Mosin Nagant’s performance will be better. On the other hand, you cannot use the iron sights because it has to sit too low to get a good cheek weld.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Bear Claw Gunworks Mosin Nagant scope is a high-quality scope mount that supports the rear of the scope. This eliminates movement and enhances accuracy. It also improves eye relief and allows for lower, better check weld. It is constructed with aircraft-grade aluminum.

Who Will Use This Most

This scope mount is great for anyone looking for a highly stable Mosin Nagant scope mount. It supports the rear of the scope, ensuring maximum accuracy and stability. It is highly durable and offers excellent value for money. If you need stability and durability, this product is for you.

Bottom Line

This Mosin Nagant scope mount is a durable product made from aircraft-grade aluminum. It has enhanced durability, and it is designed with stability in mind. It supports the rear of the scope, which means that your shooting experience will be more accurate than ever.

Best for the Money:
Leapers Accushot

Best Mosin Nagant Scope Mounts – 2020 Buyer’s Guide - The Prepper Insider (8)


  • Easy to install and use
  • Affordable price range for most
  • Keeps the scope aligned and still
  • Combination of flat-mount and scope rings
  • Super durable build with long-lasting materials


  • Renders scope adjustments sometimes

What Recent Buyers Report

This is a highly accurate scope mount, ideal for hunters and target shooters. Most of the buyers are happy with their acquisition, especially considering that this scope mount keeps the scope in place, without any wiggle. It is made of long-lasting, durable materials that can withstand pretty much anything.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Leapers Accushot is a scope mount with extreme ease of installation, and it is extra secure. It is ideal for installing an extended eye relief scope to a Mosin Nagant without having to alter the gun. It is incredibly durable and sturdy, able to last years or even decades.

Who Will Use This Most

This is the best option for hunters. If you use your Mosin Nagant for deer hunting or any other game, the Leapers Accushot will help you with your endeavors. What is more, this product is great for anyone who wants to keep their scope sturdy, without losing the zero settings.

Bottom Line

Leapers Accushot is a high-quality scope mount that will keep the scope aligned, without any wiggle room. It ensures that you will only have accurate shots with your Mosin Nagant. Using this scope mount means that you will never have to reset your zero settings again.

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4. DELTAC Mosin Nagant Double Rail

Best Mosin Nagant Scope Mounts – 2020 Buyer’s Guide - The Prepper Insider (9)


  • Great design
  • Easy to install
  • Excellent quality
  • Suitable for one-inch scopes
  • Keeps the scope in place with no wiggle room


  • None

What Recent Buyers Report

This scope mount is extremely easy to use. Once you add it to the rifle, you will be delighted with the low profile. It allows for most scopes, ideally one-inch ones and rifles with large objectives of a minimum of 30mm. It is overall a great Mosin Nagant scope mount!

Why it Stands Out to Us

This product stands out as a perfect scope mount for Mosin Nagant rifles. The design is easy to use, and you can install it quickly over the rifle’s receiver, which favors the use of a long-eye relief scope. It is one of the best scope mounts for a hard-hitting rifle such as a Mosin Nagant.

Who Will Use This Most

This product has all the qualities to fit the needs of many shooters, including hunters, target shooters, and even shooters that attend competitions using a Mosin Nagant. It has an innovative design that is easy to install. It is reliable, sturdy, and it works great with hard-hitting rifles.

Bottom Line

The Mosin Nagant double rail scope mount will be your product if you need a scope mount with easy installation, enhanced reliability and durability to keep your scope in place. It is great for beginners due to the smooth use of this product and innovative design.

Aspects to Consider Before Buying

Apart from product specifications, there should be other aspects you need to consider before buying a scope mount. They are important factors as the scope mount will most likely be used for a long time, so it is not a light decision. Here are some guidelines:

Budget Range

Firstly, you need to assess how much money you have available to invest in a scope mount. It is important to purchase a good-quality scope mount, but you still need to keep it affordable. Set your desired budget range and go for a product that offers the best value for your money.


It is important to consider the materials used in your scope mounts. The overall durability and product life depend on this factor; steel and aluminum are the most popular materials that can withstand all types of shock and impacts.

Cautious Considerations to Keep in Mind

Here are some considerations to keep in mind when choosing the best Mosin Nagant scope mount:


Of course, it is intuitive to go for the cheapest model every time, but this does not mean that you cannot find affordable models with better quality. You should invest in a product that matches quality and price within your budget.

This way, your investment will provide you with greater value and have a longer lifespan than the first cheap option you find. You will also avoid being disappointed.


If you have a scope for your Mosin Nagant with a great deal of eye relief, you probably need the space, so you can look through the scope using both eyes. Some models provide a higher degree of flexibility so you can move it around and adjust it according to your needs.


Now that you know the top picks for Mosin Nagant Scope Mounts, it is time to give it some deeper thought on which one suits you best. A rifle such as Mosin Nagant deserves only the best of the best. So, make sure you take into consideration all the information mentioned above and choose the best value for your money.

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Best Mosin Nagant Scope Mounts – 2020 Buyer’s Guide - The Prepper Insider (2024)


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